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Low latency, Heavily Overclocked game servers

Our servers are heavily overclocked to 5.0+ GHZ

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$5.00 / month
$5.00 / month
$20.00 / month
$8.00 / month

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Remote Backups

offsite, and fully remote

Mod Manager

One Click Install Mods


No One Is Is Going To Be Messing With Your Server

Intelligent FastDL

No more moving content into the games root directory. Just click sync & watch the magic happen.

Monitoring System

We have a fancy site so you can monitor each dedi's resource usage.

DDOS Protection

NanoServers offers up to 20Gbps unidirectional in-line denial of service protection

Ping Test

Use our new ping test tool to see what ping you will get to the server

DDoS Protected

All our locations are protect from attacks of up to 20 Gbps.

We will soon be investing in further network upgrades which will further increase our proection.


Recent reviews

5/5 Stars

Great service, very easy and professional 10/10 would recommend for beginner hosts

Ethan Daly

5/5 Stars

Nano servers have really good staff members the replay to TICKET's really fast and they help a lot when you dont really get any thing.

Clux 1011

5/5 Stars

Nano-Servers has been good to us so far, cheap server hosting, reliable, no lag with our Garry's Mod server at all. If you're looking to get the most value for your money, I highly suggest renting a server from these guys